Conditions of Entry to Eat Street Northshore

Entry to Eat Street Northshore is subject to the following conditions. The term "Eat Street" within these conditions includes reference to the area bounded by the perimeter fencing of the venue.  Northshore Street Food and Art Markets Pty Ltd ("Venue Owners or their appointed managerial representative") - reserve the right to refuse entry to or eject from the venue, any person who does not comply with any of these conditions.

1. Acceptance of Risk and Limitation of Liability
Patrons entering Eat Street do so at their own risk. Patrons assume all risks associated with and incidental to Eat Street, whether before, during or after Eat Street (including property damage or loss and personal injury). The risks assumed by Patrons include any risks caused by Venue Owners in ensuring compliance with the Conditions of Entry.

 Patrons waive any claims for personal injury or death against Venue Owners on behalf of Patrons and any accompanying minor.

2. Admission
Venue Owners reserve the right to refuse admission to, or remove any person for reasonable cause, without notice.

Persons under the age of 12 must be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times.

3. Alcohol and Drugs
a. The Venue Owners are the Licensee of Eat Street.
b. Patrons must not bring alcohol into Eat Street.
c. Alcohol must be consumed within the area of Eat Street ("the permitted area").  No alcohol is permitted to be taken off outside the venue.
d. Any person wishing to drink alcohol at Eat Street may be required to provide a driver's licence, current passport or proof of age card.
e. Any minor found drinking alcohol may, in the Licensee's sole discretion, be refused entry to or ejected from Eat Street.
f. Any person supplying alcohol to a minor or any person deemed to be assisting or contributing to the supply of alcohol to a minor may, in the Licensee's sole discretion, be refused entry to or ejected from Eat Street.
g. Any person who is deemed to be adversely affected by the consumption of alcohol may, in the Licensee's sole discretion, be refused entry to or ejected from Eat Street.
h. Any person who is deemed to be adversely affected by the consumption of drugs may, in the Venue Owners sole discretion, be refused entry to or ejected from Eat Street.

4. Animals
Patrons are welcome to bring their dog as long as it is people friendly, on a short leash and able to be carried if the patron chooses to enter congested areas.  As Eat Street can be quite crowded at certain times and in certain areas, it may be stressful for some animals and we strongly suggest you consider the welfare of your pet before attending our venue.   Guide dogs are always permitted.  Dogs must be well behaved and kept under control at all times. Dogs are not allowed to sit on furniture or jump onto tables. Dogs must not be fed whilst on the property.  No animals are permitted in any food preparation areas. No animals are allowed on any "artificial turfed" areas within our venue. Any animal showing signs of aggression will be removed from the property immediately.  The Patron accompanying the animal will be liable for any injury, loss, or damage caused by the dog if it misbehaves whilst at Eat Street.  One animal per Patron
5. Change of Activities
Venue Owners reserve the right to add, withdraw or substitute tenants, performing artists and amenities at any time.

6. Entry Fee and no-refund Policy
Patrons are not entitled to a refund in any circumstances. This non-refund policy applies in circumstances including, for example;
i. If you attend Eat Street and are unsatisfied.
ii. If Eat Street activities change, or any parts of Eat Street change.
iii. If any part, or all, of Eat Street is cancelled due to weather or on any reasonable basis, or any cause outside the control of the Venue Owners.
vi. If you are refused entry or ejected for any reason in accordance with the Conditions of Entry.

7. Footwear
Patrons must wear footwear while at Eat Street

8. Hours of Operation
The hours of operation are flexible, but generally include Friday and Saturdays 4 – 10pm and Sunday 11am – 7pm.  The Venue Owners reserve the right to change these hours without notice.  All Patrons must have departed the venue by 10.15pm on Friday and Saturday night and 7.15pm on Sundays.

9. Items Not Permitted
Patrons to Eat Street may not bring in food, alcohol, illegal drugs and controlled substances, weapons or other items deemed dangerous by Venue Owners.

10. Offensive Behaviour
Patrons will not act in a manner that is inappropriate, offensive to others, or illegal. Venue Owners reserve the right to refuse entry to or eject patrons who conduct themselves in such a manner.

11. Recording, Transmission and Exhibition
a. Patrons agree not to record or transmit, or aid in recording or transmitting, any description, account, picture, or reproduction of Eat Street other than for private non-commercial purposes, without the permission of the Venue Owners.
b. Patrons by their actual attendance grant permission to Venue Owners to use their name, image, likeness, or statements in any live or recorded audio, video, or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of, or at Eat Street without further authorisation from, or compensation to the Patron.

12. Searches
Patron's belongings may be searched on entry to Eat Street, or during their attendance at Eat Street.  Patrons must consent to such searches. Patrons may be required to leave Eat Street if they refuse a request to have their belongings searched and will not be refunded or otherwise compensated.

13. Smoking
No smoking is permitted in Eat Street.


Reopen 4th Dec
Fri-Sat 4pm to 10pm
Sun 4pm to 9pm


221D Macarthur Avenue
Hamilton, QLD 4007


$5 pp
Children under 12 - FREE
FREE Parking